Don’t let a slow computer slow down your business!

An easy & automated way to protect your PC, back up your data and have it operating like new

Everyday businesses lose productivity and profit from slow, sluggish computers. Now tech author Brian Jenkins is helping business owners easily unclog their slow computers, bringing fast and user-friendly tips that can impact your bottom line.


Slow computer is driving me crazy, costing me money

From: Brian Jenkins

Hi, friends and fellow business owners!
I wanted to reach out to you today about a costly aggravation we’ve all dealt with: a once-lightning-fast computer system now glutted with system conflicts and third-party add-ons. Every action it performs becomes delayed, eating away at the workday while you’re trying to run a business.


Has any of this ever happened to you:

A simple computer issue shuts you down for hours
More time wasted with a non-English-speaking phone operator
Costly repairs and upgrades do little to improve the performance
Valuable and irreplaceable data has been lost in the process

It’s one of the most common challenges faced by business owners. Even those who carefully configure their PCs to avoid just such problems discover it still somehow manages to accumulate, even on the most-protected systems. It all adds up to lost revenue.

Now there’s an easier solution that can get you back to business-as-usual. It doesn’t require new equipment, costly upgrades or a lengthy seminar and it's NOT some all-in-one tune-up software, which often causes more errors than it fixes. It’s a simple (and automated) system that is user-friendly, even for beginners. Together they provide a road-map to setting things right on all your computers.

My system is called the “Hassle-Free Computer Care System”, and that’s just what it is. As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of time. My system was specifically designed for speed – meaning fast implementation & faster computers.



Greater productivity with faster streaming & loading
Improved download and upload speeds
Better security settings to avoid future bugs
Reduced stress and aggravation
Automated tools keep system in check

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Step-by-step narrated videos showing you exactly what to do WITHOUT tech jargon and geek-speak.
The action guide, a full color illustrated guide to go with the videos (again, with no tech jargon)
Instant access to everything in digital format
60 days to try The System RISK FREE
A faster computer
Massive increases in productivity
My "You’ll Love It" Guarantee...

The System is mostly automated so once the initial set-up is done, it routinely repeats the protocols that keep everything running in top performance mode, without the user having to repeat the process, or even think about it again!

Fast results!

With one easy tip alone the Hassle-Free Computer Care System has helped countless business owners double computer speed almost instantly. That's faster loading of webpages, and lightning-quick processing. You'll be amazed at how much more smoothly your PC behaves once it loses its brain freeze.

Click on the "Get Access Now" button below to join now to get instant access to the "Hassle-Free Computer Care System” videos and PDF 100% Risk-Free for just $37!

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Automated Maintenance Helps Optimize Everything

Just as with a car, proper maintenance plays a crucial role in a computer’s lifespan. Luckily this doesn’t have to mean constantly managing your system. Our automated protocols work quietly in the background, keeping your computer in top performance mode week in and week out.

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Included in the package are these great bonuses:

Our bonuses are designed to work hand-in-glove with Hassle-Free Computer Care System, enhancing the health and performance of your system for years to come.

Bonus #1

$ 67 Value

    As a $67 value, I’m throwing in a free copy of How To Buy A New Computer to help guide you through your eventual purchase of a new system. It not only helps you pick out the right system for your needs, but also educates you on finding the best deal possible. It will help you keep ahead of the curve with your current system and the next one. A lot of people spend years regretting the wrong purchase. The aim here is to help you make the right choice on a system that will provide you with years of great service – as it should! We'll cover desktops, laptops, and even tablets.

Bonus #2

$ 49 Value

    De-dust like the professionals. A $49 value, I’m including a video that tackles one of the biggest problems computers face today: dust. If you’ve ever seen the inside of a computer, you’ve seen how disturbingly clogged they can become. Learn how to protect and clean your systems just like the professional computer shops.

    Properly cleaning your system is not just good for its health, but yours as well. As a largely untouched area, your tower will over time become a haven for a considerable amount of dust and allergens, impacting the immediate air quality.

Bonus #3


    An invaluable add-on: My “Hassle-Free Computer Care System” is a product that never goes obsolete. As computers change and protocols evolve, you’ll always be able to get the latest solutions through my system, because it comes with free LIFETIME UPDATES!

NO fluff, NO bull, and NO geek-speak

This isn’t one of those “clean PC” gimmicks that start haphazardly disposing of files, blinding seeking to find a solution. That approach frequently causes more headaches than it cures, and in some cases can do permanent damage to system software.

This approach is much more refined, and practical. In my new series, “Hassle-Free Computer Care System” I’m presenting the raw info need to speed up computers without all the tech talk. It’s detailed enough to explain everything clearly, but without being loaded up with tons of confusing jargon.

Add Years To Your System

Think of the money you’ll save by adding 4-7 years to the life of your PC. See your friends and family members marvel at how your 8-year-old system somehow manages to outpace their newer, shinier models. Watch your productivity soar as your digital stress starts melting away.

I know you’ll find real value in my system, just like so many business owners and everyday users have in the past. Let’s get started today!

- Brian


“Mr. Brian Jenkins has performed maintenance on Richfield Township’s computers for a number of years. He has guided us through the purchase and transition to new hardware with ease and efficiency and is always aware of the financial impact. His response time and ability to problem solve issues is handled timely and with dispatch. I consider [him] a member of our team and even though he is a contractor, I consider him “one of our employees!” ”

Debbie Richfield City Hall

Debbie Richfield City Hall

“Brian Jenkins, The Computer Guy, provides excellent computer system support for my business. He is reliable, consistent, and available 24-7. His services help to keep my business running and provide on-time quality services to my customers. Thank you, Brian!!”

Norma Delp Signal Tree Resolutions

Norma Delp Signal Tree Resolutions


$37 can bring years of relief

For less than the cost of a few drinks at a bar, you can get your hands on some revolutionary information. It may not be profoundly deep, however it has proven itself to be life-altering for those suffering with a bogged-down computer. To those people, the “Hassle-Free Computer Care System” has been worth its weight in gold!

This is, indeed, a resource you’ll treasure for years.

Who is Brian?


Electrical engineer and tech guru Brian Jenkins brings not just years of experience in computer solutions, he’s also a skilled public speaker and writer. That combination has allowed him to develop a presentation style and writing method that’s easy to follow and intuitive to understand. Even better, most of his tips can be quickly automated - meaning you won’t have to repeat each step six months down the road.