Have you ever had any of the following happen before?

  • Spent hours on the phone with support to solve a tech problem INSTEAD of your business
  • Wasted hours of time installing/configuring tech devices
  • Lost productivity (and, of course, money) due to some sort of tech related problem
  • Spent money on consultants, repairs, or unplanned (and often unnecessary) system upgrades
  • Lost important data due to computer failures or viruses
  • Wished you had more time to do what you love while increasing profits & productivity

Or even if you’ve never owned a business and just want to make tech EASY (whether it’s protecting family photos, getting more bang for your tech buck, automating maintenance tasks to keep your devices running well)…

…You’re in the RIGHT place!

No, we're not a computer repair business or consulting firm who will charge you a small fortune to prevent problems that you could have easily prevented in the first place.

Hi, I’m Brian Jenkins, the founder of Computer Repair Company in a Box, engineer, and founder of a computer consulting firm (in my area).

Computer Repair Company In a Box's mission is to empower business owners to use technology effectively to grow their business through proven, highly automated strategies that are EASY to implement.

Business owners will save money, increase productivity, reduce tech related headaches, and have more free time to do whatever they love, among other benefits.

Free Computer Help

How we'll help your business (and you) get ahead

Here’s the deal:

If you own a small business there's a good chance you rely on technology to get many things done.

Like it or not, computers, tablets, smart phones, etc are here to stay.

But how can you maximize these things and keep them running well so you can increase your business and have more free time when you’re not a computer tech or engineer — while spending little to no time on it?

Instead of digging through tech books or manuals (many tech products don’t even come with one!), bugging the tech geek next door, and wasting money on so called “consultants” and repair techs…

…subscribe to Computer Repair Company In a Box (it’s free), and you’ll get PROVEN tactics and strategies on all the above plus so much more, without geek-speak, tech jargon, or theory.

Oh, and did I mention that this stuff is easy to do?

Why listen to me?

Though a lot has changed in the tech world during the 7+ years I’ve been in business as a tech consultant, I’ve noticed during those years that a few easily preventable computer problems make up about 80% of my tech calls, even to this day!

These things can be very frustrating and costly to small businesses (data loss can KILL a business) who often lack any real IT support.

The good news is that most of these things are EASILY preventable in the first place.

No, you don’t need to be a tech, geek, hacker, or computer nerd to prevent these things, either.

There are very simple things that can be done to reduce or eliminate most computer problems and much of it can be automated.

This means:
•    Money saved on computer repairs
•    Money made due to increased productivity
•    Less stress and frustration
•    Minimize risk of data loss
•    More time to do what you love

And that’s why I started this blog — to help businesses who lack dedicated IT support do all the above and more without any technical knowledge, complicated theory, text books, repair manuals, and without spending much time on it.

In my blog, you’ll find videos, articles, and other easy to understand information that can be used make technology work for you, prevent common problems, increase your productivity, diagnose and fix computers, perform upgrades, make educated buying decisions, and more.

About Brian Jenkins:

Founder of Computer Repair Company In a Box, Brian holds a degree in electrical engineering with an emphasis on computers, and is a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; a professional organization for electrical/computer engineers, computer scientists, and programmers). He runs several businesses, including a computer consulting business in his area and is proud owner of several different well-running laptops, desktops, a tablet, and a smart phone -- all of which he uses to run his businesses. Brian has consulted for many small businesses, and also actively consults government offices in his area. Brian can be reached on any of the social media platforms below:

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